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Project Bright Future is directed to the new Generation in Iraq to start a free Dialogue and to build common ground between Muslims , Christians and Jews in Iraq the aim of Project Bright Future is to share the principle of acceptance of Iraqi Jews and to start a strategically plan to give all Iraqis their rights . I know it seems Hard but as I mentioned it’s a strategically plan with specific steps to restore diversity in Iraq.​

1. Prepare the new generations to accept the concept of having other religions in Iraq especially Jewish, Christians and other religions.​

2. Change the curriculum and add topics about Iraqi Jews and Christians in the History and geography classes.

3. Start a Lobby in Iraq push to change the Islamic classes in our schools and update it to contain all religions not only Islamic rules, we can all study and understand what is Christianity, and Jewish Religion.

4. After Apply all these plans we should create a Lobby to remove the restrictions, remove the anti-Semitism and anti-Jews Laws in Iraq. "Removing the restriction of travel to Israel."

5. Start an exchange program as a culture initiative between Muslims and Jews, in the future you’ll remember me we’ll do it and create an exchange program between Iraqi students and Israeli students to know each others because Israeli students and Jewish students are human like us and they're not pigs as Muslims said.

6. Use Capable persons who have strategic vision and to start a lobby in order to prepare the common ground to start a diplomatic relations between Iraq and Israel.

7. Encourage the Jewish Minority Tourism to their Historical temples in all of Iraq and support that by many of steps.

8. Re-Iraq Citizenship to the Jews of Iraq who have dropped their citizenship because of their religion.

9. Apologize to the Jews and Christians who were forced to leave Iraq because of their religious affiliation.

10. Compensate them materially and spiritually, and morally for the persecution they have suffered because of their religious affiliation.

11. Formal recognition of the Jewish religion in Iraq and Middle East.

12. The recognition of Jews as human beings and not consider them pigs as Muslims says.

13. Re-Build all synagogues, which burned by Muslims in Iraq and Middle East.

14. Allow the Jews to Practice their religion freely.

15. Cancellation of all Muslims Fatwas “orders “that calling for assassinate Jews.​​

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