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We use all tracks of diplomacy, We involves all efforts to facilitate communication and build relationships between different groups in Iraq and Israel.

The Virtual Embassy of Iraq in Israel mission and vision: 

1- Foster a culture of mutual understanding and respect between Iraqis and Israelis, by promoting cultural and educational exchanges, and providing opportunities for people-to-people interactions.

2- Build trust and confidence between the two countries by facilitating dialogue and communication, and encouraging the exchange of ideas and perspectives on key issues.

3- Develop joint initiatives and projects that can benefit both Iraq and Israel, such as business partnerships, scientific research collaborations, and cultural events.

4- Advocate for peace and stability in the region, by encouraging constructive engagement and cooperation between Iraq and Israel, and supporting efforts towards conflict resolution and reconciliation.

5- Provide a platform for civil society organizations, academics, and other experts from Iraq and Israel to exchange ideas and collaborate on issues of common interest, such as environmental sustainability, public health, and human rights.

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